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Example of some land for sale in Baker City, ORWhen you are looking for a home in the Pacific Northwest that includes a small-town environment with plenty of history and local museums, check out Baker City, Oregon. Originally settled in 1866, the town was finally incorporated in 1874. Located in Eastern Oregon, just 50 miles from the Idaho border, the town has a population of 9,828 citizens as of the 2010 census. In 1884, the Oregon Short Line Railroad built a line through the town, prompting more growth and by 1900 it became the largest town between Portland and Salt Lake City. Today, the town is popular for its artistic community as well as local museums and turn of the century architecture.

Parks and Recreation

While you are looking at homes in the area, take a look at the local parks and recreation areas as well. There are several local parks, including the Cedar Acres Park, the Geiser-Pollman Park and the Leo Adler Memorial Pathway with a nature path that follows along the local riverway and offers great views of the landscape as well as wildlife and native birds. The town also includes the River Park, Central Park and the South Baker Park.

Attractions and Activities

Activities-and-Attractions-BakerAs you look at different properties in town, you should also check out the local attractions and activities that are available in the area. The town is filled with exciting historical attractions like the Sumpter Valley Railroad where you can enjoy riding the same kind of trains that ran through the area during its heyday as well as places like the Baker Heritage Museum, the Crossroads Carnegie Art Center and the Geiser Grand Hotel, an inn that is still operating today but includes the incredible mahogany woodwork and 1889 Saloon from its days as one of the busiest hotels in the region.

Local Events

If you are still looking for things to do in your new hometown, check out local events like boat excursions through Hells Canyon on the Snake River. You can also check out the Snake River Car Show, enjoy the First Friday Art Walk, take a drive through the Hells Canyon National Scenic Byway, follow the famous Oregon Trail or explore the Historic Downtown District of Baker City with its many historic buildings and landmarks. You can also enjoy the local Rodeo as well as the County Fair, local festivals, arts and craft shows and a whole lot more.

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