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Sumpter-Oregon-Local-InformationIf you enjoy historic places and would like to live in a small town in Eastern Oregon, check out the town of Sumpter. Located 50 miles southeast of Pendleton, the town is just an hours drive west of the Idaho border. The town began when five friends traveled from South Carolina in 1862 to stake their claims in the California Gold Fields. While traveling through Eastern Oregon, they found gold in the area that they would name after the famous fort in their home state. The town has a current population of 204 residents as of the 2010 census.

Parks and Recreation

When you are checking out the homes in town, take a look at the local parks and recreational areas nearby. The town is a great place for those who enjoy outdoor recreation with the Umatilla National Forest just a few miles west of town and plenty of hiking trails and rivers located nearby. The area also includes places like Rock Creek Butte, the Sumpter Valley Dredge State Park, the local reservoir and Philips Lake, with plenty of fishing and boating opportunities as well as campsites, hiking trails and natural landscapes to explore.

Attractions and Activities

Activities-and-Attractions-SumpterAs you are looking at the local properties around town, check out all the attractions and activities that are located nearby to enjoy. The Oregon Trail Interpretive Center is located just a few miles from town with plenty of exhibits and displays of what life was like on the Oregon Trail. You can also visit the Municipal Museum where you will see artifacts and exhibits of early life in town. You can also ride the local railroad and experience what travel was like in the early days of the town. The area is also a great place for bike rides or hiking. The town is also located near small towns in the county like Durkee, Richland and Halfway.

Local Events

If you are looking for more events to enjoy in your new hometown, check out things like the annual snowmobile ride, the community flea market, the fire department pie sale, local festivals and fairs, the Railway Moonlight Ride, the Blue Mountain Ol' Time Fiddlers event, the fire department spaghetti feed, the Christmas Parade and a whole lot more. The town also includes several arts and crafts shows as well as boutique stores for you to take in shopping and antique collecting.

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